Wednesday, February 25, 2015

In case of an emergency....

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"Basic Wilderness Survival Skills" is a comprehensive handbook for people who want to live a little closer to nature -- people who, if only for brief intervals, feel inclined to leave civilization behind and experience a simpler, less-pressured lifestyle. The skills described in this book are both practical and fun -- they represent a relaxing hobby as well as potentially life-saving information for wilderness or disaster survival."Basic Wilderness Survival Skills" comprises a broad section of field-tested skills, presented in easy-to-follow instructions. Both novice and expert outdoor enthusiasts can master Angier's techniques -- from choosing the appropriate camping gear to building a fire without matches, from identifying wild plants to paddling a canoe, and from determining direction by the sun to navigating with a compass. This useful guide covers essential survival skills such as staying warm in blizzard conditions, purifying drinking water, and building emergency shelters, as well as fascinating tidbits such as improvising sunglasses and cracking a coconut without a tool. Click HERE to check availability at your local CJRL branch.

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